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Stopping Drug Diversion with Analytics

Drug diversion remains a major threat occurring in hospitals today. Statistics from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) indicate that approximately 10 percent of health care workers are abusing drugs. 

RxAuditor Investigate provides hospital leaders with a single truth source that mitigates reputational risks and patient safety concerns. Confidence translates into backing up a claim with insurmountable, quantifiable evidence of an event. The evidence stems from an analytical engine powering data and algorithms to identify diversion risks through pattern recognition. This intelligence aids leaders in informed decision-making.

The RxAuditor Investigate platform also reduces manual labor and costs. The time saved means more time spent at the patient’s bedside. 


Hospitals bear the cost of diverted drugs, internal investigations, employee turnover. With an investment in RxAuditor Investigate, leaders will see a return on investment and demonstrate a deeper responsibility to patient health and well-being. 

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