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Our Customer Promise - National Pharmaceutical Returns Inc.

National Pharmaceutical Returns Inc. 


NPR is proud to be one of the very first pharmaceutical reverse distributors in the country to become Drug Distributor Accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).  We specialize in helping our customers effortlessly through the returns process. We form partnerships with major wholesalers and manufacturers to truly maximize your return value.

Batched Returns

NPR offers its customers a “batch” return program that is convenient, easy to navigate and provides piece of mind that we are handling everything for you. A batched pharmaceutical returns program combines returned products from different pharmacies into one “batch” return. 

For example, batching returns with other pharmacies allows smaller returns to meet manufacturer minimum return policies and receive a credit. If the return was sent individually to the manufacturer and didn’t meet their minimum quantity policy, the returning facility wouldn’t receive a credit.

When batched, all pharmacies receive their share of credits issued by the manufacturer. Payments from NPR can be streamlined and quicker when using this service, since the returns are accepted all in one batch.

Non-Batched Returns

Instead of combining your returns with those of other customers – as is the case for batching returns – we can submit your return under your name only. We can even hold your product in our secure facility until your order is large enough to return.

NPR's Customer Promise

Proven Industry Leadership: Over the last 25 years, NPR has evolved into one of the nation’s premier return goods companies.

Maximizing Customer ROI: Strong relationships with the wholesalers and manufacturers, maximizing the customer ROI

Regulatory Compliance: NPR is fully compliant with all applicable regulatory agencies

Customer Service: We strive to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our performance


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