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It’s a big step to decide if pharmacy ownership is the right move. It takes focus, collaboration, and commitment. But if you have the desire and drive, you are owning a business that contributes to the economic vitality of your community and to the health of its members. Pharmacies are essential and needed now more than ever given the pandemic. 


RxOwnership® purpose is to help pharmacy professionals achieve their goal with the purchase or transfer of independent pharmacies. Conversely, the advisors also support sellers of a pharmacy. 

The advisory team brings many resources to bear for the client. From a comprehensive market intelligence report to a step-by-step marketing and operating plan, the client will receive expert guidance and avoid pitfalls. RxOwnership is the ultimate resource to achieve possession of your professional dream.

Since the start of the program, the RxOwnership team has helped more than 6,000 pharmacy owners through the pharmacy transition/ownership process.


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