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Maybe a senior doesn’t want a text regarding their prescriptions. However, perhaps the new mom wants a text. Communicating with your customers can either annoy them or endear them to your brand. The goal is always the latter, which is why the pharmacy staff benefits from flexibility in setting notifications according to preferences. 

In June 2020, CareServices LLC launched TracRx, a new pharmacy portal that can win over customers because you choose:

Who receives order notifications.
What method to notify customers.
What type of notifications each person should receive.

This new system allows for seamlessness from initial order placement through point of delivery (POD). Only TracRx provides updates on medication status and analyzes pharmacy utilization in a single place. The portal’s dashboard provides real-time visibility into the order fulfillment process while eliminating guesswork to save significant time and resources.

Survey results conclude that 50 percent of TracRx users have experienced relief in work effort, and more than 75 percent enjoy the system’s enhanced notifications.


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