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PDM Healthcare Partners with SKINEEZ® Skincarewear®

PDM Healthcare Partners with SKINEEZ® Skincarewear®

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PDM Healthcare continues to strengthen its health and wellness portfolio through a partnership with SKINEEZ® Skincarewear®.

SKINEEZ® offers reparative compression socks as well as active wear.  The compression socks are medical-grade and the only FDA-approved compression sock on the market. 

These unique products use patented microencapsulation technology to deliver natural cosmetic ingredients to firm, tone, and slim while they are worn, and are designed to be comfortable, moisturizing, and slimming.

The products are infused with retinol, vitamin E, caffeine, shea butter, apricot kern oil, and rose hip oil to deliver moisture to the skin.

Studies show that instantly on wearing the products, consumers feel and look slimmer, have increased skin moisture, and have softer and smoother skin.  After one week of wear, consumers report diminished skin imperfections, smoother, more vibrant skin, and less flabby skin.  Finally, after 2 – 4 weeks of wear, skin is firmer and more clear in tone, and an average increase in skin elasticity of up to 19%  can be seen.

SKINEEZ® Skincarewear® is a great addition for any retail, home healthcare, or wellness facility, and the products are available at a discount for PDM Healthcare’s customers.  For more information, please contact

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