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Kill Coronavirus using TexQ Ready-to-Use Disinfectant

What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle,

swine, cats, and bats. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can infect people and then spread between people such as with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and now with 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Many cases of 2019-nCoV have been reported in China, and a few have also been reported in several other countries, including the United States. These viruses can cause a range of symptoms, including a runny nose, cough, sore throat and fever. Some cases are mild, such as the common cold, while others may lead to pneumonia.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists the most common way of spreading the Coronaviruses is by respiratory transmission from person to person, happening among close contacts (about 6 feet) through coughs and sneezes. This is similar to how influenza and other respiratory pathogens spread. It is currently unclear if a person can get a Coronavirus by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes.

Disinfecting Surfaces

TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant has demonstrated effectiveness against Human Coronavirus, Canine Coronavirus, and another Coronavirus type (for swine), Transmissible Gastroenteritis (TGE), on hard, non-porous surfaces with a 10-minute kill time. TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant is an EPA-registered, sterile, ready-to-use, one-step disinfectant and cleaner, highly effective against 59 bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is available in a 22-oz. spray bottle (part number TX650) and in a one-gallon container (part number TX652). 

TX651 TexQ® Disinfectant is a concentrated, EPA-registered,

non-sterile, one-step disinfectant and cleaner, which has demonstrated effectiveness against Human Coronavirus on hard, non-porous surfaces with a 10-minute kill time. This concentrated formulation will need to be diluted with water to the use concentration as directed on the label.

TX650 and TX651 TexQ® Disinfectants are recommended for use as everyday disinfectants, as part of a disinfectant rotation program.

Please note, TexQ® Disinfectants do not have the kill claims against specific SARS, MERS or 2019-nCoV strains of Coronavirus.

Questions and Answers about TexQ® disinfection for Coronavirus

Is TexQ® Disinfectant an EPA-registered product?

Yes, TexQ® Disinfectant is an EPA-registered product.

TexQ® Disinfectant has two forms:

TexQ Disinfectant, Ready-To-Use (part numbers TX650, TX652) - EPA registration number: 10324-85-46552

TexQ Disinfectant, Concentrate (part number TX651) - EPA registration number: 10324-80-46552


Does TexQ® have kill claims against Coronavirus?

 TexQ Disinfectant is one of a very few disinfectants on the market that have the Coronavirus kill claim.

TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant sterile ready-to-use solution has 3 kill claims against the following Coronaviruses: Human Coronavirus, Canine Coronaviruses and Transmissible gastroenteritis, which is also a type of Coronavirus for pigs.

TX651 TexQ® Disinfectant non-sterile concentrate has 1 kill claim against Coronavirus (Human Coronavirus).

What types of Coronaviruses are there?

 According to CDC (, there are several strains of Human Coronavirus:

- 229E (alpha coronavirus) – This is what TexQ Disinfectant was tested for

- NL63 (alpha coronavirus)

- OC43 (beta coronavirus)

- HKU1 (beta coronavirus)

Other human coronaviruses:

- MERS-CoV (the beta coronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS)

- SARS-CoV (the beta coronavirus that causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS)

- 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) – This strain is causing the outbreak right now

Does TexQ® Disinfectant have the kill claim against the new Coronavirus strain that is causing the outbreak, 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)?

 No, TexQ® Disinfectant does not have a 2019-nCoV kill claim. No other product on the market has this kill claim as well at this time.

What other kill claims does TexQ® Disinfectant have?

 TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant has one of the largest number of kill claims on the market. TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant Ready-To-Use (RTU) solution kills the following microorganisms in 10 minutes on hard, non-porous surfaces:


What are the facilities TexQ® Disinfectant may be used?

TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant is for use on hard, non-porous surfaces in:

- Hospitals, nursing homes, medical and dental offices and clinics, healthcare facilities, physician offices, operating rooms/theaters, radiology rooms, isolation wards, quarantine areas, hospices, and medical research facilities.

- For use in Clean Rooms and Controlled Areas.

- Cosmetic manufacturing facilities.

- Medical device manufacturing facilities.

- Biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

- Warehouses.

- Food processing plants, USDA inspected food-processing facilities, catering and bakeries.

- Farms, dairy farms, hog farms, equine farms, poultry and turkey farms and egg processing plants, mushroom farms, canneries.

- Veterinary clinics, animal life science laboratories, animal laboratories, animal research centers, animal quarantine areas, animal holding areas, animal breeding facilities, kennels, dog/cat animal kennels, breeding and grooming establishments, pet animal quarters, zoos, equine farms, pet shops, tack shops, operating rooms, washing areas, waiting rooms, examination rooms and other animal care facilities.

 What are the surfaces TexQ® Disinfectant may be used on?

TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces such as:

- Glass, laminated surfaces, metal, stainless steel, aluminum

- Glazed porcelain, glazed ceramic

- Sealed granite, sealed marble

- Plastic (such as polycarbonate, polyvinylchloride, polystyrene or polypropylene)

- Sealed limestone, sealed slate, sealed stone, sealed terra cotta, sealed terrazzo, chrome and vinyl, Plexiglass®, vanity tops

- Enameled surfaces, painted/finished woodwork, Formica®, vinyl and plastic upholstery, washable wallpaper

What are the examples of surfaces TexQ® may be safely used on?

 TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces such as:

- Tables, chairs, desks, folding tables, workstations, bed frames, lifts, washable walls, cabinets, doorknobs and garbage cans/pails, trash barrels, trash cans, trash containers, cuspidors and spittoons.

- Shelves, racks and carts.

- Hospital beds, bed railings, bedpans, gurneys, traction devices, MRI, CAT, examining tables, scales, paddles, wheelchairs, hard, non-porous surfaces of cervical collars and neck braces, spine backboards, stretchers, unit stools, CPR training mannequins, curing lights, light lens covers, slit lamps, operating room lights, operating tables, oxygen hoods, countertops, examination tables, X-ray tables, washing areas, carts.

- Laminar-airflow equipment and BioSafety Cabinet work surfaces and exterior surfaces of the following: sinks, plumbing fixture surfaces, Incubators, Refrigerators and Centrifuge surfaces of metal, stainless steel, glass, plastic (such as polystyrene or polypropylene), Formica®, and vinyl.

- External Lenses, Vision correction devices including eyeglasses, protective eyewear, goggles, light lens covers, optical instruments/implements. (Not for use on contact lenses.)

- Windows and mirrors.

What type of cloth/wiper should be used when applying TexQ® Disinfectant on the surface?

When applying TexQ® Disinfectant with a cloth, please make sure the cloth does not contain cotton or cellulose, it should be made of 100% polyester. The cellulose and cotton fibers deactivate any Quaternary disinfectant including TexQ® Disinfectant.

Texwipe has several lines of 100% polyester wipers for cleanroom and industrial use:,10

What are the directions for TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant application?

- Pre-clean heavily soiled areas.

- Spray this product on a cloth, wiper, sponge, brush or mop. Wipe/clean the surface.

- For spray applications, spray 6-8 inches from surface. Do not breathe spray.

- Treated surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes.

- Allow to air dry.

- Rinsing of floors is not necessary unless they are to be waxed or polished.

Should TexQ® Disinfectant be rinsed from the surfaces?

TexQ® Disinfectant residue is not required to be rinsed from any surface except for surfaces that may come in direct contact with food as per the product label instructions.

Can TexQ® Disinfectant be used in a fogger?

No, TexQ® Disinfectant cannot be used in a fogger.

How TexQ® Disinfectant should be used in food processing plants/premises, food storage areas and equipment?

1. Before using this product in food processing areas, food products and packaging materials must be removed from the room or carefully protected.

2. Pre-clean heavily soiled areas.

3. Apply product undiluted to disinfect hard, nonporous surfaces with a sponge, brush, cloth, coarse trigger spray device. For spray applications, spray 6-8 inches from surface. Do not breathe spray.

4. Treated surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes.

5. Allow to air dry.

6. When disinfecting food contact surfaces used for food preparation, rinse surfaces thoroughly with potable water. This product must not be used to clean the following surfaces: utensils, glassware, dishes or interior surfaces of processing equipment.

7. All food contact surfaces such as appliances and kitchen countertops must be rinsed with potable water after treatment. Do not use this product to clean or disinfect glassware, utensils, dishes or interior surfaces of appliances.

What is TexQ® Disinfectant shelf life?

 TexQ® Disinfectant has a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture. The expiration date is indicated on the product label.

 What are the dilution recommendations for TX651 TexQ® Disinfectant Concentrate?

TX651 TexQ® Disinfectant Concentrate dilution rate is 2 ounces per gallon of water. A measuring beaker is included in each case to make the dilution process easier.

Is TexQ® Disinfectant a hazardous chemical?

- TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant, ready-to-use solutions (part numbers TX650, TX652) are not hazardous, the SDS is available here:

- TX651 TexQ® Disinfectant Concentrate is a hazardous material, SDS is available here:


What are storage recommendations?

Store only in original container. Keep this product under locked storage sufficient to make it inaccessible to children or persons unfamiliar with its proper use.

What are disposal recommendations?

Dispose of contents and container in accordance with all local, regional, and national regulations (see Safety Data Sheet, section 13:

Where can I find more information about TexQ® Disinfectant?

More information may be found here:

Follow this link to see the Texwipe Disinfectants/Solutions Brochure:


Where can I buy TexQ® Disinfectant?

TexQ® Disinfectant is available through many federal and regional distributors.

For online purchase, follow these links: 

TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant, RTU in 22-oz. spray bottle:

TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant, RTU in 1-gallon bottle:

TX651 TexQ® Disinfectant Concentrate in 1-gallon bottle:


If I have more questions, who should I call?

Follow this link to find your local Sales Manager:

Call Texwipe Customer Service at 336-996-7046 (press 1), Or 1-800-TEXWIPE or 1-800-839-9473.

Send an e-mail to

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