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The importance of liquid nitrogen data logging in the era of COVID?

Sars-CoV-2 VirusTransportation

As worldwide pharmaceutical companies ramp up their research and development of a vaccine for COVID-19, multiple questions have arisen about the ultimate storage and transportation of these potentially temperature-sensitive serums. Even one temperature-sensitive shipment inappropriately transported could not only be costly but could prevent many individuals from receiving the appropriate medical care.


Temperature-sensitive Shipments

Currently, one of the primary ways of shipping temperature-sensitive materials is via liquid nitrogen systems. These self-contained systems can maintain temperatures as low as –200 degrees Celsius. This frigid temperature must be maintained while the serum is in transport. In some cases, sera may be transported over thousands of miles or even continents away from the lab to ultimate medical distribution centers. Many of the world’s medical cryogenic shippers are looking for answers that will safeguard their temperature-sensitive shipments.

Monitoring Solutions

One way to maintain the integrity of medical cryogenic shipments is to utilize a liquid nitrogen data logging system, which is currently available through Marathon Products, Inc. This system monitors the ultra-low temperatures necessary for medical shipments to ensure the efficacy and integrity of the vaccine serum shipment. Marathon Products, Inc., data-logging system utilizes a temperature-sensitive probe that may be mounted within the shipping container to provide a continuous temperature check of the shipment.

Additionally, the liquid nitrogen data logging system, which is software based, will provide a visual and written record of monitored temperatures as well as an audio and visual alert system that will activate when the temperatures rise above the recommended shipment temperatures of the COVID-19 vaccine serum. Such a system is in great demand as global pharmaceutical companies are currently sharing their vaccine development criteria. It will be in greater demand when a proven vaccine is available and ready for shipment.


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