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Head-to-toe USP <797> & <800> Compliant Products

We've Got You Covered 

Head-to-toe USP <797> & <800> Compliant Products


-Cleaners & Disinfectants

-Sterile & Non-Sterile Wipers

-Disposable Cleanroom Apparel

-Environmental Controls

-Cleanroom Supplies


70% IPA / 30% USP WFI cleaner

-Validated sterile

-Available in 16oz, 16oz fl ip-top, 32oz & gallon

-Only disinfectant mentioned in USP <797>

In stock and available at: 




Pharma-ChoiceTM is a full line of USP <797> & <800> compliant products by Acute Care Pharmaceuticals. Contact us for more information!

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San Diego, CA

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