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Dedicated to Controlled Environment Contamination Control Products

Dedicated to Controlled Environment Contamination Control Products

Teknipure is the premier developer, manufacturer, distributor of innovative cleanroom and other controlled environments consumable contamination solutions. Our products are designed to prevent, control, and remove contamination effectively and efficiently.

We carry a complete line of products, including the following wipers, swabs, facemasks, and mops:

-TS1MPI70-911 / S:  Melt blown Polypropylene Pre-saturated Wiper 70% IPA

-TS1MFI70-99 / S: Non-woven Microfiber Pre-Saturated Wiper 70% IPA

-TS2PUI70P-99 / S: Polyester Knit Pre-Saturated Wiper 70% IPA

-TS-FMD-3/5/6: Micro denier covered Foam Swab 3, 5, and 6 inches

-TM-EL-7: Facemask, 3Ply, PET, Pleated, Round Earloops

-TM-516V: Microfiber Flat Mop 5”x16”, Single Use, Velcro

-TM-516V-1: Velcro Mop Hardware Collapsible Frame & Handle

-TM-MFP-516P: Microfiber Flat Mop, Knit, 5" x 16", Single Use, Pocket Style

-TM-PFM-516HF Pocket Mop Blue Frame & Extendable 4'-6' Handle

Contact us to learn more, request samples, technical datasheets, or quality certificates.


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