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Secure an Unbroken Cold Chain [VIDEO]

B Medical Systems

Saving lives through reliable and innovative technology

Secure an unbroken cold chain

With end-to-end solutions for medical-grade storage and transport

Accurate temperature control is essential to preserve the integrity, stability and shelf life of pharmaceuticals.

B Medical Systems’ refrigeration and transport products are certified medical devices and are designed to help you store and transport vaccines, pharmaceuticals, test kits and specimens in the most temperature-secure environment. All pharmacy models – undercounter, upright and combo – provide superior temperature stability and uniformity, as well as industry-leading recovery following door openings and warm-up time.

The °B Connected remote temperature monitoring solution gives you an extra layer of sample-security, allowing you to keep a close eye on your stock wherever you are, at any time.

B Medical Systems is a manufacturer of medical-grade refrigeration and transport solutions with over 40 years of experience.

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