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Excelera Connects Maunfacturers, Health Systems, and Payers Through Integrated Programs


Excelera connects manufacturers, health systems, and payers through integrated programs that optimize the quality and cost of complex pharmacy patient care. 

We are the preferred partner who delivers seamless access to a nationwide network of accredited health systems, the industry's most comprehensive complex pharmacy patient data platform, a health system-centric pharmacy benefit management solution and fully integrated pharmacy care programs. Through these intentionally connected offerings, we enable health systems and payers to improve the care and patient outcomes; while empowering manufacturers to improve performance at every stage of the specialty product lifecycle. 

-Excelera nationwide network

-Integrated care programs

-Manufacturer access & optimization programs

-Complex pharmacy patient data platform 


At Excelera, we are passionate about transforming the way integrated care is delivered in health system setting - and creating an environment where manufacturers, health systems, payers and patients...all win.

Visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn. 

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