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FFF Enterprises, Inc. – The Nation’s Most Trusted Specialty Distributor

FFF Enterprises, Inc. – The Nation’s Most Trusted Specialty Distributor

Our dedication to Helping Healthcare Care® means that we provide you with the products, systems, programs and services that give you the freedom to focus on patient care.

Company Background

FFF Enterprises, Inc. (FFF) was founded on our commitment to Guaranteed Channel Integrity®, our pledge to purchase product directly from the manufacturer, and ship only to a licensed healthcare professional. With a perfect safety track record of counterfeit-free product distribution since 1988, FFF continues to set the standard for patient safety, product efficacy, and fair pricing for the critical-care products that improve the quality of life for the patients we serve. Our mission of Helping Healthcare Care® is the benchmark by which we measure all our actions. We consider this not just the FFF way, but the only way.

Product Overview

FFF Enterprises is the largest and most trusted specialty distributor of blood plasma products, adult, pediatric and flu vaccines, pharmaceuticals, oncology therapies, infectious disease products, and ophthalmology treatments. Our customers, who include hospitals, physician practices, homecare companies, and other healthcare providers, receive products through our Controlled Volume Measures™ (CVM) methodology for allocation management. Additionally, we have the technology and equipment to place pharmaceuticals on-site at providers’ offices utilizing our Forward-Deployed Inventory solutions, which enable clinicians to keep products readily available for their patients’ needs. Our strength is building communities with patients and physicians by providing them with information regarding disease states and healthcare trends through our complimentary educational resources and award-winning publications.

Features & Options

-Guaranteed Channel Integrity®

FFF’s commitment to Guaranteed Channel Integrity® guarantees that products are purchased only from the manufacturer and shipped only to licensed healthcare providers, with additional steps taken to safely store, handle and ship products to ensure patient safety is never compromised.

-Controlled Volume Measures™

FFF has aligned with our manufacturing partners to establish and promote the responsible distribution of critical and preventive care products through our Controlled Volume Measures™ (CVMs) methodology. By means of this unique approach to product allocation management, combined with our perfect safety tracking record of counterfeit-free distribution since 1988, we are in a prime position to care for the nationwide needs of our clinicians and their most precious patients.

FFF is committed to ensuring healthcare systems are prepared with adequate supplies of essential medications, especially during times of shortage or crisis, as in the case with the COVID-19 pandemic. With several manufacturers making the decision to partner with us in place of full-line wholesale channels, we are fully equipped to provide the products you need, when you need them.

Additional Product Lines


Through MyFluVaccine®, our e-commerce vaccine ordering system, we provide advantages that our competitors simply cannot match: 1) Choice – comprehensive all-products portfolio from the industry’s top manufacturers, 2) Convenience – pick your preferred delivery dates, and 3) Safety – Guaranteed Channel Integrity® ensures a safe supply. With MyFluVaccine, you can take control and manage your flu vaccine inventory with ease by selecting multiple presentations from the top manufacturers, thus mitigating the inherent risks associated with purchasing flu vaccine.


Our BioSupply® online platform makes ordering your products easy, fast, and convenient. This easy-to-use demand-based product distribution system is your online portal for ordering FFF’s full portfolio of critical care biopharmaceuticals, including:

• Adult Vaccines

• Albumin

• Ancillaries

• Antithrombin

• BioSurgical

• Coagulation

• Essential Medications

• Hyperimmune Globulin

• Immune Globulins

• Influenza Vaccines

• Oncology

• Pediatric Vaccines

• Pharmaceuticals

RightNow Inventory™ Product Management Solutions

RightNow Inventory™ product management solutions provide on-site, on demand, and pay-as-dispensed product availability for your practice and your patients. Our robust and unique IoT technology offers automated replenished orders, so the products you need, are already there through the:

• Verified Inventory Program™ (VIPc®)

• MinibarRx®

• Inquire about our New SMART Cabinet Coming Soon!

Ordering Information

Place an order through our Wow! Customer Care team at:

P: (800) 843-7477. Emergency Ordering available 24/7/365

F: (800) 418-4333


Online ordering: |

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