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Your One-Stop Source for All Tamper Evident Needs – Health Care Logistics® [VIDEO]

Your One-Stop Source for All Tamper Evident Needs – Health Care Logistics®

Find a diverse selection of USP <800> and infection prevention solutions in one convenient location. In addition to stock items such as cleaning tools and infection control mats, HCL can manufacture stainless steel containers and trays to help achieve your compliance goals.

Company Background

What began 40+ years ago as a garage-based business at the home of founder Gary Sharpe, now encompasses five well-equipped facilities in Central Ohio and reaches customers around the globe. Employment has also grown, with more than 300 employees now dedicated to HCL’s mission of providing unmatched customer service. Complete customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything HCL does.

Product Overview

Containing HD surface contamination is a tough job. While there’s no single solution to effectively deactivate all chemo agents, Health Care Logistics offers the RXGon® Pad HD Prep Mat to significantly simplify the process. This innovative mat combines the absorption of a standard prep mat with the power of activated carbon to form a protective barrier between HD solutions and work surfaces. RXGon Pad HD Prep Mat is proven to prevent surface contamination from common marker HDs cyclophosphamide and fluorouracil by using the activated carbon in the mat to encapsulate and absorb liquids. Likewise, the poly backing shields surfaces from leaks or “bleed through.” Efficacy data and lint test results can be found at

The 12"x12" low-lint mat is a versatile tool that can be used anywhere HD contamination is possible, including:

Shipping, Transport, and Storage: Studies indicate that shipping containers, transport totes, and carousel bins are a major source of HD contamination. RXGon Pad HD Prep Mat can be used to line these containers to protect staff against leaking containers and broken vials.

Compounding and Dispensing: RXGon Pad HD Prep Mat can be used to line work surfaces in the nonsterile prep area, limiting unnecessary contamination.

Administration: The RXGon Pad HD Prep Mat can line work surfaces to prevent contamination of the drug administration area. Users may also place it under the I.V. drip to catch any accidental leaks.

Home Health: Patients may be instructed to use the RXGon Pad HD Prep Mat under their medication bottles and when prepping pumps to limit contamination in the home.

HCL offers a complete inventory of infection prevention solutions to reduce the risk of contamination and help users improve the quality of patient care. Look for the RXGon Pad HD Prep Mat along with PPE, disinfectants and cleaners, surface and fingertip test kits, HD waste disposal options, hygiene stations, and more.

Visit to see how HCL can be the single-source resource for all your pharmacy essentials.

Additional Options
In addition to stock items designed to help customers achieve USP compliance, HCL provides a variety of in-house specialty design services. Design consultations are always free, there are no minimum order requirements, and orders ship within seven days of approval. 
• Cabinets by Design: Cabinets, shelving, and storage units for those who want to renovate existing spaces or outfit newly constructed areas with high-quality pieces made to their exact specifications.
• Metals by Design and Plastics by Design: One-of-a-kind items manufactured to match individual customer requests. Product modifications are also possible. These allow customers to work more efficiently and produce better results.
• Printing and Graphics: From labels, magnets, and clings to banners, signs, and stamps, HCL’s print specialists can create solutions for any situation. 

Product Specifications
HCL’s inventory includes compounding and dispensing items, infection prevention supplies, unit dose packaging materials, and much more. The company offers small package quantities, free samples, and ships most orders the same day. HCL’s hassle-free return policy allows customers to return any product, at any time, for any reason.

Additional Product Lines
Unit Dose; Storage; I.V. Accessories and Injectables; Compounding and Dispensing; Seals; Plastic Bags; Refrigerators, Freezers and Accessories; Temperature Monitoring; Infection Prevention; Carts and Accessories; Pharmacy Supplies; Crushers, Cutters, and Organizers; and Error Prevention.

Ordering Information
Health Care Logistics offers small package quantities, no minimum order requirements, free samples, and ships most orders the same day. The company’s hassle-free return policy allows customers to return any product, at any time, for any reason. HCL’s Live Chat customer service team is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday - Friday.

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