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Overcoming Logistical Challenges for Distributing COVID-19 Vaccines

As we near the end of 2020, news of several COVID-19 vaccines has hit the airwaves. As promising as this news is, there are still challenges. Each of the vaccines ready to move into global distribution has their own unique temperature profile to be maintained throughout storage and transit.


"Scientists have been discussing this dilemma ever since it became clear that a vaccine would be the most essential tool for bringing the pandemic under control – not on its own, but by complementing other public health measures such as physical distancing and wearing masks," says Dr. Umit Kartoglu, WHO scientist and co-author of a scholarly article, “Logistical challenges for potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and a call to research institutions, developers and manufacturers,” published in Vaccine journal.

The article explores solutions for ensuring ‘last mile’ efficacy of these critical COVID-19 vaccines once they become available in shipping to ensure wide distribution and minimize wastage.

Dr. Kartoglu is also the author of the "The Book of VVM:Yesterday-today-tomorrow" which chronicles Temptime's role in the ongoing evolution of the vaccine vial monitor (VVM)

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