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BoxPicker® Automated Pharmacy Storage System From Swisslog Healthcare Creates a More Efficient Pharmacy Workflow [VIDEO]

BoxPicker® Automated Pharmacy Storage System From Swisslog Healthcare Creates a More Efficient Pharmacy Workflow

Optimize pharmacy workflows with the market’s proven robotic storage and retrieval system to virtually eliminate picking errors, increase efficiency and improve medication safety

Company Background

Swisslog Healthcare connects the medication supply chain, bringing together automated transport and pharmacy automation solutions inn more than 3,000 healthcare institutions worldwide. These connections are made possible through:

• Proven pharmacy robotics

• Enterprise medication management software

• The industry’s most trusted pneumatic tube systems

• Front-of-house autonomous service robots

• A pharmacy-driven delivery tracking system

Through an agnostic approach to integration, Swisslog Healthcare enables forward-thinking health systems to create a connected medication ecosystem. Learn more at

Product Overview

BoxPicker reinvents medication storage by streamlining workflow and storing medication inventory in one central and secure location. BoxPicker decreases the opportunity for picking errors by limiting accessible medication and requiring barcode scanning with any medication movement. With the ability to include refrigerated modules and multiple operator stations (including inside the ante-room), Swisslog Healthcare can configure a BoxPicker to fit any pharmacy operation.

• Elevated Efficiency. Hourly productivity and picking performance are increased through multi-user, multi-tasking, automated storage and retrieval. Multiple workstations allow simultaneous operation by several technicians. Integration with existing hospital information and cabinet vendor systems enables the BoxPicker to pick medication three picks ahead of the operator. As an option, when paired with Pharmacy Manager, medications stored outside the automation can be managed and organized to allow optimal workflow and efficiency where orders are separated, prioritized, and routed to the correct location for dispensing or stocking.

• Ultimate Medication Control and Safety. BoxPicker requires scan in and scan out tracking that decreases opportunity for error, and secure access ensures inventory control and audit capabilities. BoxPicker minimizes access to the number of different medications per user, therefore reducing picking errors.

• Custom Configuration and Scalable Technology, Including Cleanroom Access, Dual-Temp, and Fully Refrigerated Options. The modular design and flexible operator station placement allow pharmacies to configure the solution to meet their current and future needs. Additionally, the BoxPicker offers refrigerated modules or operator stations built in the anteroom for direct medication access from the cleanroom suite. This supports USP <797> compliance by providing a secure pass-through to anterooms, and positive-pressure airflow ensures environmental integrity. High-density storage and retrieval allows for greater storage within a smaller footprint without floor reinforcement.

To learn about BoxPicker, visit

Additional Product Lines

Pharmacy Manager is a medication management software designed with growing health systems in mind. It takes the lead on incoming and outgoing orders, becoming the central point of truth for pharmacy inventory control. Pharmacy Manager can manage the inventory of all the medications within the enterprise and improve the pharmacy workflow by streamlining orders, managing expiration dates, minimizing waste.

PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System decreases human touches in bar coding, packaging, storing, dispensing, and returning unit-dose medications. The patented PickRing® delivers patient-specific medication on a single ring ready for administration, reducing the opportunity for missed medications and speeding up administration time.

AutoCarousel® Semi-Automated Pharmacy Storage System transforms medication management by reducing labor, drug waste, missing medications and picking mistakes. AutoCarousel is accurate and reliable, and the vertical design ensures maximal storage in a compact footprint, reclaiming valuable pharmacy space.

AutoPack® Automated Oral Solid Packager allows pharmacies to pre-package tablets for unit dose dispense. Or, through integration with hospital information systems, orders can be filled on demand, including cabinet replenishment orders or patient-specific cart fill or STAT orders. AutoPack further minimizes human touches and maximizes productivity.

Relay® is the first autonomous service robot designed to work around people in busy hospitals. Highly useful for hospitals without a pneumatic tube system or for “Do Not Tube” items, this healthcare robot handles deliveries quickly, safely and reliably, increasing productivity by allowing staff to focus on high value tasks, while improving their overall experience and ultimately patient outcomes.

Markets Served

• Hospitals and Health Systems

• Long-Term Care

• Correctional Healthcare Settings

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