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Automated, Wireless Temperature Solutions to Monitor Vaccines from -200oC onsite and in transit

Monitoring the temperature of medications and vaccines is nothing new for pharmacies. What is new this year, however, is the promise of several novel vaccines designed to stop the spread of COVID-19. The challenge? Each has its own temperature profile. One, for example, needs to be stored in ultra-low temperature freezers or shipped in special packaging to maintain -70ºC. Another also needs to be kept very cold, at -20ºC. And yet a third can be kept at standard refrigerated temperatures (2 to 8ºC for six months).

That means pharmacies administering and distributing COVID-19 vaccines along with all their other temperature sensitive medication will need special equipment and monitoring solutions for each. With more than 30 years experience innovating cost-effective temperature monitoring solutions, Temptime has the answer.

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Success Story


Find out how TotalWellness, who conducts flu clinics and screenings for a wide range of organizations across the US, used Temptime’s W-200 wireless sensors to save money and protect vaccine inventory from temperature excursions.

Would you like help in choosing the right temperature monitoring solutions for your pharmacy?  Contact us. See all pharmacy temperature and humidity monitoring solutions.

Who are we?

Temptime, now a part of Zebra Technologies, is committed to helping improve health outcomes around the world. Since 1987, we’ve developed a wide range of temperature-monitoring technology for hospitals, EMS providers, frontline healthcare workers, pharmaceutical corporations, specialty pharmacies, biotechnology companies and more.

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