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DosePlanner | Accelerate Compliance With Help From DosePlanner [Video]


Company Background

 Eiger Creative LLC was founded in 2004 as a software development and consulting company. Its founder and employees have been involved in IT for over 30 years. Together, they bring a rich variety of skills in the areas of retail, healthcare, pharmacy, marketing, accounting, and customer service. Throughout the many changes in the IT landscape, Eiger Creative has maintained a commitment of delivering best of breed solutions to its clients. The DosePlanner family of products and services exemplify our commitment to bringing products to the pharmaceutical market that can truly help our clients grow their business. 

Product Overview 

The DosePlanner system of software products can help you easily manage your compliance packaging tasks while helping your business grow. DosePlanner supports several packaging styles and is compatible with many of the most popular pharmacy management systems. At DosePlanner, we are constantly upgrading our systems to incorporate features that will help your business be more productive. DosePlanner can support your compliance packaging operation from the smallest start-up to a large production operation. DosePlanner is there to help make your job easy. 

Product Specifications 

With DosePlanner, you get: 

• An easy-to-use design, providing a high-level of confidence in packing accuracy. 

• Support for a variety of packaging styles. 

• The flexibility to create labeling on-demand. 

• Integration with many popular pharmacy management software systems. 

• Integration with Zewa™ Medication Compliance system. 

• Reporting tools to help streamline business operations. 

• A selection of reports to aid you and your customers. 

DosePlanner software is cloud-based and can be accessed from any workstation in your pharmacy. No extra equipment to purchase! DosePlanner interfaces with many popular pharmacy management systems software packages, providing greater options and flexibility to meet your customer demand. DosePlanner is dedicated to providing best-in-class technology, solution consulting, and hands-on support, ensuring our customers are equipped with the resources to advance pharmacy practice. 


“We needed a compliance packaging solution with emphasis turning to adherence and compliance for a particular client and for our regular customers as well. I have turned to DosePlanner and have never looked back. The software is easyto-use, integrates with most pharmacy platforms, and has saved us countless hours of time. DosePlanner is an important part of our growth strategy. Their customer support is extremely reliable, and they have the personnel with expertise to handle our technical needs. If there was an issue, I could call, email, or text Rick and the issue was resolved quickly. Our client has been very pleased with our solution to their needs, and our ‘walk in’ customers are finding this a useful alternative to the pill boxes we have been using. I can’t recommend the DosePlanner software enough.” — Chris Hampel R.Ph, Family Prescription Counter, Duryea, PA 

Additional Product Modules

 DosePlanner PMS Interface 

An optional module to automatically capture patient and Rx data from the pharmacy management software. This reduces the need for double data entry and keeps the systems synchronized. 

DosePlanner Yuyama Interface 

A program to operate Yuyama Robotic Blister Card Filling Systems. Easily combines with DosePlanner to allow simultaneous automation of blister-filling and label printing. 

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