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Expect More From Your Medication Inventory Management Software


The Pharmacy Manager eLearning platform and Knowledge Center are powerful resources available for busy health system pharmacies deploying Pharmacy Manager software

The past year has been a challenging exercise in how to do more with less. In these uncertain times, pharmacy professionals need intuitive, powerful medication inventory management solutions now more than ever.

Inventory Management Software

Swisslog Healthcare Pharmacy Manager software streamlines pharmacy workflows, providing a “perpetual inventory” approach specifically designed for hospital medication management. It reveals system-wide usage data to facilitate optimal inventory levels across a single or multiple locations in real time.

eLearning Training and Knowledge Center

After the excitement of a technology implementation, pharmacy staff may not retain everything they learned. Technician turnover can also lead to product knowledge gaps that impact the outcomes of the system. To address these challenges, we’ve built a robust set of resources for Pharmacy Manager users, including our eLearning platform and Knowledge Center.

- Simplify training for new Pharmacy Manager software users to hasten onboarding.

- Strengthen knowledge retention through a variety of learning modalities: quizzes, sample tasks, video, and text.

- Conveniently access learning pathways on-demand for just-in-time training on how to execute daily functions.

- Leverage role-based access for administrators and users to manage the account.

Keep your team up-to-speed on utilizing Pharmacy Manager software. Empower them with interactive, self-guided training and a rich source of information.

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