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Yuyama | New Semi-Automatic Flexible Blister Card Filling System


Company Background 

Yuyama, founded in 1964 in Osaka, Japan, specializes in medical and pharmaceutical automation. It is the largest pharmacy automation company worldwide, and the first company to introduce an automated prescription filling machine to the market. Yuyama started its USA division in 1996 and now has over 2,200+ machines in the U.S. market. Since our inception, we continue to grow. Innovation drives our growth, and our solutions have proven to be exceptionally reliable, user-friendly, and safe. 

Product Overview 

Yuyama’s Blient, single-dose, multi-dose, and semi-automated dispensing system, enables users to automate through variable dispensing styles and realize increased operational efficiency. The Blient will accommodate various single-dose blister cards regardless of size or number. Making it possible for pharmacies to respond to changes in cards as required by facilities. The device is capable of manual fills, making it possible for users to easily dispense by registering medication into the software that doesn’t have an associated canister or for less frequently used medications. The touch screen on the device allows the user to check the position of distribution of the prescribed medication. The device also enables users to print a non-installed medication list, all of which aimes at preventing mis-dispenses and incorrect medication selections. The Blient has a small footprint which provides dispensing capabilities in limited workspaces. It features a prescription presetting during dispensing to minimize downtime. The Blient also features a scanner which is used for information checks to increase medication safety and prevent mis-dispensing. 

Additional Product Modules 

Fully-Automatic Tablet Packager “Litrea Ⅲ” 

• Yuyama’s newest packager! Increase your accuracy and improve patient safety with the Litrea Ⅲ. Available with several options. 

• Improve medication and patient safety with universal canisters that are designed to save you money during manufacture drug changes. 

Additional Product Line 

Fully automated and robotic vial filling solution: EV-180 

Markets Served 

• Central Fill 

• Independent Retail 

• Retail Chain 

• Long-Term Care 

• Nutraceuticals Trade Shows/Meetings Attended 

• NACDS Total Store Expo 

• NCPA Annual Convention 

• Various State and Regional Pharmacy Conferences  

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