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Cleanrooms Needed Now More Than Ever

Known for its cleanroom portfolio of softwall, hardwall, bio-clean, and micro-clean designs, Modular Cleanrooms (MCR) also provides furniture, supplies, and filters. One particular filtration system holds special significance because the ENVIRCO Hospi-Gard IsoClean model supports facilities fighting COVID-19. This model offers a negative pressure isolation room that will meet OSHA and CDC TB Guidelines. Facilities can use the IsoClean as a clean air recirculating unit, a negative pressure unit, or a split system to create both negative pressure and clean air recirculation.

These offerings reinforce MCR’s mantra to provide what the industry needs and quickly deliver it. Specifically—with cleanrooms—the team will design, build, and install a sterile room tailored to the client’s needs and government’s requirements, utilizing the newest materials and components from a single source.  

MCR can put forth the numbers that demonstrate the longevity of its products. The team has installed more than 1.5 million sq. ft. of cleanrooms across the United States, Europe, and Asia during its 40 years of operation. 


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