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Increased Safety Means Increased Efficiency

The customer stands at the pharmacy counter waiting for the pharmacist to shuffle through the “J” bin searching for the prescription only to give Mr. Jones the wrong “Jones” medication, causing safety and privacy concerns. This scenario does not happen with IntelliCab™ from GSL Solutions. 

The process starts when the pharmacist tracks the readied prescription with barcoding technology when filing it into a specific bin in the IntelliCab. The software sends the notification via the customer’s preferred communication method, indicating the prescription is in the secure location and ready for pick up. The pharmacy user scans their badge to open the IntelliCab and follows the light indicator to retrieve the medication from the bin (the user can only access the designated prescription ensuring the utmost security). The system creates a log of all transactions without repetitive scanning or manual errors. 

IntelliCab works seamlessly with IntelliVault™ for controlled drugs. IntelliVault's advanced technology for controlled-substance storage, filling, and retrieval, offers increased security for pharmacies and timely, accurate service for customers. 

This secure chain of custody eliminates shrink and drug loss by replacing today’s open-access controlled drug storage cabinets.

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