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Monitor Medication with Wireless Sensors

When manufacturers shipped their COVID-19 vaccine to healthcare facilities worldwide, people also became aware of the importance and need for temperature control for certain pharmaceuticals. When it comes to monitoring critical environments for pharmacies, SmartSense’s has the go-to system. They developed technology that can routinely monitor vaccines, samples, and medications for temperature and humidity excursions for proactive insight. Their suite of wireless devices monitors any environment or condition, enabling efficiency, quality, and agility. 

Pharmaceutical and healthcare providers receive compliance visibility and improve staff productivity by combining wireless sensors with remote monitoring software and a digital checklist. The staff gains actionable insights through a real-time dashboard and scheduled reporting on a cloud-based monitoring platform.

SmartSense’s wireless sensors offer the world’s only 100 percent wire-free installation with wireless screens for deployment in minutes. 

The team at SmartSense has earned the trust of government, commercial, and nonprofit institutions across the globe, specifically more than 2,000 organizations in 75 counties conduct real-time sensor-driven decisions to safeguard medicines.


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