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Swisslog Healthcare wants to ensure patients receive their medications in a safe and timely manner. To achieve this goal, the team developed Pharmacy Manager, so pharmacists always have the right medicine ready for their customers. 

This technology gives pharmacy operations a continual state of readiness. It does so by optimizing workflow by monitoring inventory, managing products by lot and expiration date, and meticulously automating incoming and outgoing orders. Pharmacy Manager illuminates the line of sight of inventory levels across one or multiple locations. This real-time, corporate-level view of usage data and all storage locations instills confidence and ensures efficiency.

The intelligent pharmacy order router confirms medications are dispensed efficiently from the most logical inventory locations. The computerized supply chain from the warehouse to dispensing means staff doesn’t have to tell the customer their prescription is delayed. In sum, a perpetual, location-oriented inventory approach controls spend, improves operations, and advances medication management.


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