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Personalized Doses at the Touch of a Button

The demand for individualized medicine in 2021 will also signal an increase in productivity for compounded dosages. Pharmacies can now exceed productivity levels through the touch of a button. The maker of this touch button system is Vitae Industries. Their 3-D printing platform produces precisely dosed compounded pharmaceuticals in required dosage forms for pharmacies, hospitals, and physician offices. This effortless technology results in increased safety, reduced errors and waste, and lower costs.

Vitae Industries delivers flexibility and simplicity. Pharmacies gain flexibility from one machine, multiple dosage forms, and custom strengths from stock formulas. The staff can eliminate tedious processes with AutoCoumpounder’s three simple steps:

1. Mix the drug (API) with dosage form-specific inactive ingredients according to vetted formulas.

2. Fill cartridges with the compound and clip it into the AutoCompounder.

3. Enter drug, strength level, and quantity; then touch start and walk away. 

This tabletop robotic equipment that automates compounding medicine is now is installed in more than 20 pharmacies in 15 states. These pharmacies are delivering accurate, high-quality dosages to patients who require specialized medicine. 


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