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Independent pharmacies—whether in New York City or a rural Midwestern town—play a central role in the health, well-being, and vitality of a community. Pharmacy staff often knows their customers personally and appreciates their loyalty. Independent pharmacies also take great pride in their customer service and look for affordable technology to make their experience even better.

Keycentrix brings 45 years of advancing independent pharmacies to serve their customers better. They offer a tailored pharmacy point of service (POS) called Flextrax POS system to address pharmacy’s unique needs. Specifically, the team designed the system for speed and seamlessness because customers should not have to wait at the counter.

Flextrax hastens the processing of all the required prescription steps while simultaneously protecting patients’ information, allowing for a smooth operation. Key features include:

Full Register Setup

Four Software Integrations

Ten Hardware Peripherals

Accounting Features

24/7 Help Desk with 98 percent customer satisfaction rates.


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