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Unlock the Future of Compounding Automation With Vitae’s AutoCompounder

Vitae Industries

Unlock the Future of Compounding Automation With Vitae’s AutoCompounder 

Company Background 

Vitae Industries began four years ago with the goal of increasing access to personalized medications for all patients. We discovered that many pharmacies who provide critical compounding services struggle with time-consuming manual processes. Vitae’s founders turned to their 3D printing, software, and chemistry roots to create the AutoCompounder. The AutoCompounder is revolutionizing non-sterile compounding by making it possible to automate and scale accurate and flexible compounding of solid dosage forms. This first to market automated solution has been installed in pharmacies across the U.S. over the past two years. Cost-effective, scalable compounding helps pharmacies boost sales, profits, and margins and increases accessibility reaching more patients. 

Product Overview 

Vitae’s AutoCompounder system delivers one-of-a-kind non-sterile compounding automation with its ground-breaking technology designed to address the unique needs and challenges of busy point-of-care settings and laborious non-sterile compounding. The AutoCompounder countertop device (16" x 18" footprint), easy-to-use software, extensive formulary (over 300+), modular cartridges, and trays make setup, training, and integration fast and non-disruptive because there is never enough time behind the counter 

Efficiency: Save Time, Save Money 

Pharmacy technicians start saving time compounding quality precise troches, suppositories, oil capsules, and more with the AutoCompounder after just two or less hours of training. Simply click-to-print hundreds of pre-programmed formulas instantly available from the AutoCompounder desktop application. Our team onboards your unique formulas in advance, so you’ll seamlessly transition from manual to hands-free on day one. Compounding staff reclaim time to assist patients, or perform other pharmacy or compounding tasks. With minimal maintenance and cleaning required, the AutoCompounder has nearly no downtime between batches maximizing compounding output across forms and formulas. Streamline lab workflows and differentiate your non-sterile compound offering by easily and cost-effectively making personalized prescription strengths from a single formulation batch. Dispense precise individually customized prescriptions lowering your costs from reduced formulation preparation time and materials. 

Fuel Profitable Growth With Flexible Personalization

Expand your compounded product offering alongside Vitae’s growing formulary database with AutoCompounder capacity ready to flexibly scale to meet sudden or growing demand. Today pharmacies AutoCompound a variety of non-sterile forms: 

• Mini-troches for buccal or sublingual delivery, commonly a small, faster dissolving PEG-based dosage popular with tadalafil and HRTs. 

• Oral troches (lozenges) with dissolving PEG-bases to chewable gelatin-bases for HRTs including popular and challenging progesterone 200 mg, ketamine, and many more. 

• Capsules (gelatin) filled with liquid, typically oil-based, formulas. 

• Suppositories for vaginal or rectal delivery using fatty-acid bases, cocoa butter, or PEGs with diazepam and HRTs among those commonly printed today. Continue using the bases and API’s you and your patients know well. Whether it’s a custom in-house blend or a new product like Natatroche™ from PCCA, we’ll onboard it for you, saving you R&D time and ensuring optimal settings for precision printing. Our formulary continually grows giving every customer access to print new compounds as soon as they’re released keeping your business on the forefront of non-sterile compounding. Contact us to see if your ideal compounds are in our R&D pipeline. 

Trust Automation to Enforce Consistent Quality 

Disposable cartridges and interchangeable trays allow the pharmacist to quickly make changes between drugs and dosage forms without crosscontamination, all on the same system. Disposable, dishwashable, or dispensable consumables means cleaning is easy and fast. Whether you compound today or wish to begin, you can trust the AutoCompounder to produce consistent, quality dosage forms which allows staff across all skill levels to enhance their productivity. Instead of searching for qualified compounding lab staff to hire, simply add an AutoCompounder to rapidly meet growing demand, supplement constrained, or untrained staff. 


“Vitae’s technology gives me the peace of mind that my compounds adhere to our commitment to precision care. It allows us to continue to serve our patients while dealing with the possible issues of constrained staff during these times. It also helps us provide critical support if and when drugs go into shortage. Freeing up time and staff to be able to meet any extra demands placed on us.” — Joseph P. Navarra, RPh, FACA Owner Town Total Compounding Center 


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