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IND Consulting — Data Entry, PODS (Pharmacist On-Demand Services), PODS on Call (Back-Up Pharmacy Service), DME, and IT Solutions

IND Consulting

Data Entry, PODS (Pharmacist On-Demand Services), PODS on Call (Back-Up Pharmacy Service), DME, and IT Solutions 

Company Background

IND Consulting was founded to help pharmacies analyze their operations, establish expansion plans, and assist them in making the necessary decisions on management, strategy, operations, and technology. 

Product Overview 

Data Entry

IND Consulting is your business process partner, with a unique depth of resources to save you up to 50% on labor costs while delivering higher-quality results. Your team will be custom-designed and dedicated to your project, with specific training and experience to meet and exceed the scope of your operational needs. Our staff can execute new orders, refills, admissions, adjudication, EDK charges, onboarding of new business, and more. 


PODS, or Pharmacist On-Demand Services, was developed to quickly deploy highly-skilled, experienced pharmaceutical professionals all across the United States. Our licensed pharmacists have a wide range of experience and expertise, including longterm care, hospital, and retail pharmacy work. 

PODS on Call

PODS on Call offers dedicated, licensed pharmacists to provide after-hours support for your business and your customers. Our process is personalized to each of our customers needs, providing both the technical and the operational resources required.

DME Solutions 

IND DME performs routine operations and revenue process functions including, eligibility verification, prior authorization, document processing, order confirmation and claims reconciliation, equipment supply management, and AR management. 

IT Services 

IND Consulting offers full-service IT support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our services include application hosting, on-premise system implementation, help desk capabilities, security services, custom programming, data conversion, and migration. With IND’s IT support, your business can plan and budget ahead of time to ensure the smartest investment possible in your IT services. Our IT specializes in pharmacies and can work with any dispensing system. 

Markets Served 

• LTC 

• DME 

• Retail 

• Skilled Nursing Facilities 

• Assisted Living Facilities 

• Hospitals Trade Shows/Meetings Attended 

• Softwriters User Conference 

• iQ (Integra/QS/1) Conference 

• Medtrade 

• Point Click Care 


• Wholesaler Trade Shows 

Ordering Information 

To learn more, contact IND at (954) 756-6883 or 

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