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Peace Of Mind, Delivered.

Care Services LLC

Peace Of Mind, Delivered. 

By partnering with the company who originated backup pharmacy services 

With around-the-clock backup pharmacy coverage, the Care Services family of companies helps long-term care pharmacies reduce overall pharmacy costs, avoid staff burnout, extend pharmacy reach and provide continuous care. 

Working with the Care Services team is easy. We provide:

• A designated account manager to serve as your primary point of contact 

• Client service representatives to answer calls 24/7 

• Our proprietary TracRx™ portal to make managing orders easy 

• Consolidated monthly invoices to simplify accounting processes 

• Comprehensive and customizable reports to deliver data in your preferred format 

Pharmacy Benefit Management 

- A reliable pharmacy claims processing platform coupled with a network of over 70,000 pharmacies 

- Courier Delivery 

- Prescriptions are picked up at backup pharmacies and delivered to long-term care facilities 

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