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Compounding Lab Software: Finally – A 21st-century Solution


Compounding Lab Software: Finally – A 21st-century Solution

iPad-based | Electronic Recall Workflow | Hospital Features Lab Only or Dispense System Options 

Technology: compounding pharmacy’s scalability issue 

If you’re like most compounders, your state-of-the-art lab is being driven by software from the 1990s. In an industry founded in customization, it seems paradoxical to use systems that stymie flexibility. ElectricLab has re-thought formula management and lab from the ground up. 

Simplified workflow: faster, easier, more accurate 

Paperless: Techs create compounding logs using iPads 

Barcoding: Using wireless scanners, ingredients and equipment are checked in 

Wireless: Balance weights are transmitted wirelessly to the iPad and recorded 

Workflow: Our task system keeps techs on track and pharmacists efficient 

Formula Management: Formulas are able to be updated in bulk by formula type 

Inventory: Supplier integration for easy ordering, set thresholds and track losses

Our integrated workflow allows your team to work smarter so they have the capacity to focus on their mission and the time to do the work that matters most. 

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