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Meet Clinical 360° by Rx30.

For over 38 years, Rx30 has been an innovative leader in streamlining the processes and procedures that are so critical to a pharmacy’s productivity. Clinical 360° is a free service offered with Rx30’s core services. Provide better patient outcomes while giving access to additional revenue opportunities through payer-funded, clinical interventions provided by Rx30’s clinical services team. Clinical 360° will send alerts when new clinical opportunities are available, show how much revenue can be earned with each opportunity and the effort level needed for completion. Easily choose how and when interventions should be completed or opt-out a patient for future alerts. The Clinical 360° Web Portal offers centralized and streamlined management of payer-funded clinical opportunities with comprehensive financial reporting including pending payments, settled payments, and total monthly earnings.

Here’s a video about the Rx30 Pharmacy Management System

Transaction Data Systems | Discover The Possibilities With Computer-Rx And Rx30…

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