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Smart Solutions to Drive Your Pharmacy’s Growth & Patient Satisfaction [VIDEO]


Smart Solutions to Drive Your Pharmacy’s Growth & Patient Satisfaction 

PSGA, Inc. is a health care performance improvement company that helps Community Pharmacies incorporate some of the latest and greatest gadgets and software programs to streamline operational revenue, improve customer service, cut costs, and help patients. 

Custom Medication Savings Card

Tailored for community pharmacies. Approved with all PSAOs and accepted at virtually all pharmacies. Supports ongoing revenue share plus dispensing data from your local market area to help grow your business. Program is 100% free of charge! 

Telemedicine Solution

Helping patients access over 5,000 U.S. based physicians 24/7, from any mobile device, in under 10 minutes or less. Enables pharmacies to provide a cost-effective health care plan for those that are insured, underinsured or uninsured. Revenue share system drives patient loyalty to your brand. Also includes Discount Dental, Vision, Lab and imaging discount.

Patient Communication System (2-way SMS, MMS, Voice and Fax) 

Educates, informs and reminds patients in the most efficient and cost-effective way with a 95% open rate within 3 minutes. FastQuoteRx feature facilitates enrolling patients in a Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement right at the pharmacy.

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