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Mideast Delivery Solutions, Specializing in Servicing LTC Pharmacies [VIDEO]

Mideast Delivery Solutions

Specializing in Servicing LTC Pharmacies 

Company Background 

Mideast Delivery Solutions has been in the last mile delivery space for nearly 20 years. We quickly realized that our customizable, client-centric approach made a meaningful difference in helping our LTC clients succeed. This motivated us to refine our focus, and we have been servicing only long-term care pharmacies for the past 16 years. We are grateful that our strong partnerships, flexible business model, and reputation for providing a premium service have allowed us to grow to become a trusted resource in the long-term care space, with nationwide capabilities. 

Product Overview 

Account Management: Our business model is to evaluate a pharmacy’s route and STAT work, and provide dedicated drivers, management, and dispatch staff to create a ground-up solution for our partner pharmacy. We operate with this model because we understand that every pharmacy is different, and requires detailed attention for our services to be truly effective. 

Driver Requirements: In addition to the interview process, all drivers must complete a drug test and a background check. These are updated every six months. All drivers have files that are continuously monitored to ensure all documentation is in compliance. All drivers will be required to be in uniform. The uniform consists of a plain navy polo shirt, an ID badge with the driver’s name and picture for identification purposes, khakis or clean professional workpants, and close-toed shoes. If a pharmacy has any additional preferences, we are open to making alterations to better suit your needs. 

Electronic Signature Capture: Given our focus of servicing long-term care pharmacies, we are acutely aware of the importance of signature capture, and the effect that it has on both pharmacy operations and the audit process. We currently utilize Delivery Track with most of our client base and are open to learn and use any scanning process preferred by our pharmacy partners. 

Technology: In addition to staying up to date on the latest pharmacy scanning technology, we have GPS tracking of drivers, as well as an online portal for order entry and order updates. 

Reporting: It is common practice for us to provide daily Delivery Track reports detailing the scanning percentages from the previous night’s delivery. Additionally, we provide our weekly invoice that outlines each STAT delivery from the invoicing period, which can allow the pharmacy to see what facilities may be ordering an exorbitant number of STATs. Reports can be customized in any way to better serve the pharmacy. 

Accessorial Charges: Due to our pharmacy-first mentality, we do not charge any accessorial charges such as waiting time, holiday charges, or after-hours fees. Fuel surcharge is only charged if fuel exceeds $4.00/ gallon. We believe in creating partnerships with pharmacies, and do not think the practice of adding extra charges is in line with that philosophy. 

GPO Affiliations: Mideast Delivery Solutions has partnered with MHA and Net-Rx as a delivery provider. Member pharmacies receive discounted rates, as well as a rebate on their delivery spend. 


“Mideast Delivery has proven to be a true partner. The service has been consistent and reliable from the first day. I would highly recommend Mideast to any longterm care pharmacy in search of a quality delivery company … we’ve never been more satisfied with our delivery service than we are today with Mideast.”

 — Vice President of Operations

 “Their ability to work with our needs as they change with our customers is outstanding. Especially during this pandemic time, the communication and flexibility to change facility specific request. It has been a pleasure working with your team.” 

— Regional Vice President 

“I have been managing logistics in the healthcare industry for more than 16 years and I have never worked with a more flexible and customer focused service before. We currently operate in seven different markets each with their own unique challenges and requests and the team at Mideast has allowed me to operate with just one vendor. Throughout our markets they have implemented electronic delivery software and maintain an average of 98% signature capture on over 1,200 separate barcodes per day to 200 delivery stops.”

 — Director of Logistics 

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended 

• MHA Business Summit 

• iQ Customer Conference 

• Frameworks Users Conference 

• ASCP Annual Meeting 

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