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Operation Warp Speed: IIS + IND


Operation Warp Speed: IIS + IND

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine has become available in Phase 1 to long-term care residents and health care workers, pharmacies have a lot on their plates. Pharmacies have the vital responsibility of providing demographic information to the government for every patient they administer the vaccine to. Our team at IND realizes that this is creating a major backlog for pharmacy employees. We would love to offer our data entry services to take the stress of the additional workload off your hands so that your operations can continue to run smoothly.

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CDC IIS Data Requirements for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

"Immunization programs and immunization information systems (IIS) will play a critical role in vaccine delivery, the monitoring of vaccine doses administered, and generation of vaccination coverage estimates among several different population groups.

A strong, nationally coordinated approach is critical to collecting, tracking, and analyzing vaccination data, especially in the early phases of vaccine administration, which is expected to occur in non-traditional settings. This document outlines the anticipated vaccine administration data elements IIS will report to CDC. The required data elements in this document represent demographic and vaccination information routinely captured by an IIS during a vaccination event. In addition to the ability to collect and report these data elements, IIS will also be required to report information from these data elements 1) in a timely fashion (within 24 hours of administration) and 2) through a connection to the Immunization Gateway (IZ Gateway) or data lake. This will enable CDC to reliably track COVID-19 vaccinations and analyze vaccination coverage by demographic factors once vaccine supplies are available."

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