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Protect Against Hazardous Liquids with Saturix Spill Pads

Enhancing Cleanliness, Safety and Cleanup Efficiency

Our new Prep and Spill Control Pads help keep sensitive workstations clean while protecting against exposure to liquids and chemicals. Use as a table or tray liner when compounding hazardous drugs, working with harmful chemicals, or performing messy operations.


Saturix Prep and Spill Control Pads

● Three-layer construction provides optimal absorption and a liquid barrier

● Aperatured polypropylene coating absorbs liquid while reducing linting

● Airlaid absorbent middle layer traps liquids

● Low density polyethylene (PE) film backing blocks liquids

● Free of latex and solvent-based adhesives

● Available gamma irradiated

Visit our prep and spill control pads page for more info or contact us today to order and enhance safety, outcomes and efficiency.

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