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Temperature Intelligence for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Storage

If you are a large healthcare organization, hospital, long-term care facility, public health department or central pharmacy distributing vaccines, Temptime has temperature monitoring solutions for you.

Global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines has begun – and to reach the most people possible quickly, large provider facilities receiving vaccines will need to move them on to other ancillary administration sites. How do they do that while ensuring each vaccine’s unique temperature profile is maintained throughout storage and transit?

The CDC recommends using digital data loggers (electronic temperature sensors) to monitor and record temperatures. While central pharmacies are likely to have experience with this kind of distribution, other providers might not – so we created this infographic to illustrate how the process will work.

Wireless, automated, accurate monitoring

Find out how Temptime’s electronic temperature sensors are designed to capture data 24/7 and alert you to excursions, helping you preserve all your valuable vaccine supplies – including those for COVID-19.

Who are we?

Temptime, now a part of Zebra Technologies, is committed to helping improve health outcomes around the world. Since 1987, we’ve developed a wide range of temperature-monitoring technology for hospitals, EMS providers, frontline healthcare workers, pharmaceutical corporations, specialty pharmacies, biotechnology companies and more.

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