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Sentry Data Systems Ranked #1 in 340B Pharmacy Management Systems from Black Book Research

Sentry Data Systems, Inc., the nation’s leader in pharmacy procurement, compliance and utilization management, today announced that the company has achieved the top ranking in the annual 340B Pharmacy Management Systems Black Book Research report, including the highest scores for user experience and outcomes. Unlike other subjective industry ratings, Black Book Research’s report is based on a quantitative study including 1,169 hospital executive participants (primarily pharmacy leaders) evaluating 31 340B product and service vendors from July to December 2020.

“We’re pleased to accept this top honor from Black Book Research, particularly given that the organization avoids conflicts of interest by accepting no financial reimbursement from participating vendors prior to publishing their objective results,” said Travis Leonardi, RPh, CEO of Sentry Data Systems. “We believe this study accurately reflects the tremendous progress Sentry’s made in improving our user experience and outcomes. We’re focused on our bedrock mission of helping covered entities that support our country’s underserved and most vulnerable patients. To that end, we’re relentless in continually improving our platform to support this critically important work. We’re truly gratified to know that our customers recognize our sustained effort in achieving operational excellence.”

“Approximately one-third of all U.S. health systems receive 340B funding from which health systems and outpatient facilities (including cancer centers, critical access hospitals, rural referral centers, and children’s hospitals) with optimized software solutions transfer savings into programs that improve patient outcomes,” said Doug Brown, President of Black Book Research. “Exceeding the strategic priorities of clients is how successful 340B solutions vendors like Sentry Data Systems receive top customer satisfaction ratings, whether it is regulatory compliance, positive finance impact, enhanced staff education, or integrations and interoperability.”

Sentry received top honors in many of Black Book’s 18 Key Performance Indicators including:

  • Support and customer care
  • Trust, accountability, ethics, transparency
  • Training
  • Scalability, client adaptability, flexible pricing
  • Integration and interfaces
  • Brand image and marketing communications
  • Marginal value adds

About Sentry Data Systems, Inc.

Sentry Data Systems, Inc. is a pioneer in providing technology solutions that help healthcare providers address their three biggest challenges: reducing total cost of care, managing compliance and producing better quality. Thousands of hospitals and care locations across the country rely on Sentry’s integrated platform for their solutions, which provide decision support for millions of unique patients and have helped hospital systems and IDNs realize billions of dollars in documented savings.

Media Contact
Beth Sagvold, Senior Director of Marketing & Creative Strategy
800.411.4566 x2507

About Black Book

Black Book™, its founders, management and staff do not own or hold any financial interest in any of the vendors covered and encompassed in the surveys it conducts. Black Book reports the results of the collected satisfaction and client experience rankings in publication and to media prior to vendor notification of rating results and does not solicit vendor participation fees, review fees, inclusion or briefing charges, and/or vendor collaboration as Black Book polls vendors’ clients.

Since 2004, Black Book™ has polled the vendor satisfaction across over 30 industries in the software and services sectors around the globe. Black Book’s mission is to improve healthcare delivery by expanding the stakeholder’s voice from the front-line employee, IT and financial managers, clinical and nursing staff through the C-Suite and Board, as well as healthcare consumers.

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