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Jeff Enck has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of SDS Rx

SDS Rx, the leading last mile logistics provider to the health care market, is pleased to announce that Jeff Enck has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer for the company. Jeff joined SDS Rx in September of 2019 and has since undertaken a complete transformation of our operational structure. Under Jeff’s leadership, the company’s operating team has been organized into seven distinct entities, each enhanced with functional support from the centralized Driver Services team, Customer Experience Center and Dedicated Implementation team.

According to SDS Rx CEO Drew Kronick, “We were really excited when Jeff decided to join our team in 2019.  It’s been inspiring to watch him translate his military and business background into confident leadership of the SDS Rx operating team. Our customers have benefited from his leadership skills, his inclusive management style, and his ability to focus the entire team on the Vision and Mission of the company. The outcomes have been stronger relationships with customers, enhanced service performance, a collaborative and motivated team, as well as outstanding financial results.”

“I am really excited about what we have achieved in my time with the company. We have built a dynamic and passionate team, an industry-leading technology platform, and a culture that is responsive to  the needs of those patients who depend on us to receive their daily medication,” stated Jeff Enck.

About SDS Rx

SDS Rx is the leading provider of last mile logistics solutions for pharmacy, wholesale pharmaceutical distribution, radioactive pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare environments. Our industry-leading technology is seamlessly integrated with each unique customer in order to ensure compliance, accuracy, accountability and transparency.

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