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Celebrating 22 Years as an Industry Innovator!

Celebrating 22 Years as an Industry Innovator!

Medacist Solutions Group was founded in 1998, as a direct result of extensive consulting projects of its parent company Total Concept Data Services in the healthcare industry. The formation of a healthcare software solutions company was a natural evolution due to an expanding healthcare client base coupled with the unique ability to address a hospital pharmacy’s need for actionable information.

Over the past 20 plus years, Medacist has continued to be a lead innovator in the healthcare industry and has continued to find the solutions to our clients’ needs in the acute care and long term care settings. With the integration of multi-tier delivery systems across the continuum of care, Medacist has expanded its SaaS-based analytics platform to encompass the entire medication life cycle: medication procurement, medication prescribing, medication distribution, and medication administration.


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