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Datarithm® Collaborates with iApotheca Healthcare to Deliver a Cloud-Based Pharmacy Delivery Software Platform for the US Market

Datarithm® has formed an alliance with iApotheca to provide EconoRouteTM a cloud-based pharmacy home delivery software platform for retail and out-patient pharmacies of all sizes in the US. So timely given COVID, this collaboration will deliver scalable, cutting edge technology that reduces time and expense associated with pharmacy home delivery services – something that is now more important than ever.

“Datarithm is excited about teaming up with iApotheca” said David Belinski, Datarithm President. “Through this offering US pharmacies will add great efficiencies to their home delivery programs, making them more profitable and, for pharmacies not currently offering home delivery, roll outs will be much easier via EconoRouteTM.”

EconoRouteTM offers a smart, efficient, and simple way to deliver prescriptions to your patients. Its system uses a complex mathematical formula and physics to build an optimized travel route—no more zigzagging across the city, wasting time, money, and fuel. EconoRouteTM handles more than 100 deliveries in a single run, making it great for pharmacies anywhere! Plus, you’ll be able to monitor drivers in real-time, create an audit trail, and automatically track each task until it is delivered or returned to inventory.

“We are very happy to be partnering with Datarithm to expand the EconoRouteTM offering within the US market,” said Spencer Turbitt, iApotheca’s CEO. “Through the great relationships Datarithm have with their customers, we are able to team up to assist in the ever-growing importance of home delivery as a crucial aspect of the pharmacy business model.”

Together, Datarithm® and iApotheca are addressing both today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. See your pharmacy profit increase with the technological power and innovation of Datarithm® and iApotheca. Visit today.

About Datarithm

Datarithm® is an intuitive, cloud-based inventory management software system for pharmacies of all sizes. Its user-friendly workflow provides on-demand updates and streamlines and automates tasks to level-up overall Rx inventory management.

From monthly reorder point resets and initiating return and transfer opportunities, to providing detailed packing slips and shipping labels, automating on-hand adjustments, and maintaining electronic archives and associated accounting reports, Datarithm® takes care of it all and so much more.

Best of all, Datarithm® is so easy to implement. Through order point Optimization, inventory Balancing (returns/transfers), and dual-ranked Cycle Counting to maintain constant On Hand precision, Datarithm® optimizes the largest investment and biggest expense pharmacies face – Rx inventory.

About iApotheca

iApotheca Healthcare is a software company specializing in delivery management and narcotics reconciliation software. We understand the unique challenges of pharmacy and we strive to help pharmacies make compliance easy, improve workflows and increase profits.

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