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Contec Healthcare Launches New Website

Spartanburg, SC – Contec Healthcare, an enterprise focused on meeting the demands of Sterile Compounding Pharmacies ongoing implementation of USP chapters <795>, <797>, <800> and <825> is excited to announce the launch of their revised website: Significant customer research inspired and anchored the design and functionality of the new site, which incorporates improved search, multimedia resources and product filtering for swifter access to relevant product detail.

“In this new digital age, it’s more important than ever to offer our customers an easier user experience,” says Micah McAllister, Digital Marketing Supervisor for Contec, Inc. "We are thrilled to debut our new website to our internal and external stakeholders, all of whom are looking to better understand and access the breadth of our products and services." Rich Harris, Contec Healthcare’s Business Manager echoed this sentiment, sharing, “This website redesign truly ties together all of our critical assets into one place and allows for our customers and partners to have robust access and interaction with our products, compliance updates, and significant training resources."

Product Search and Pages:

Contec has been in business for more than 30 years, with a proven track record of continuous, customer-inspired innovation. This has fostered a vast and growing range of contamination control products. In turn, this has necessitated a robust filtering tool that allows visitors to efficiently search and find the most relevant product for their needs. The new site’s updated search function allows for filtering by various product characteristics including point of use, wipe solutions, sterility, solution (chemistry) and more.  Additionally, ‘related products’ are now listed as suitable solutions for use in conjunction with the provided search results.

All product pages have been substantially redesigned and feature ‘cards’ which list product name, photo and key features. This improved interface helps visitors decipher which product is most appropriate for the desired application.  Every single product page highlights a product description, product features and benefits, and part numbers, plus sample and purchasing information, technical data, related literature and video assets.

USP Regulation Guidelines:

Contec Healthcare continues to maintain and share its resources in support of USP best practices and protocols. As such, the updated website now boasts substantial sections devoted to USP General Chapters including USP Guideline <797>, USP Guideline <800> and USP Guideline <825>.

Enhanced Mobile Capabilities:

Contec Healthcare’s new website has been designed for responsiveness regardless of visitors' preferred device.  Moreover, the site works seamlessly whether the user experience is on a desktop or mobile platform.

Multimedia Utilization:

Contec Healthcare features video assets for ease of understanding and training efficiency throughout the new website. The home page, industry pages, and product pages all showcase this updated user experience. Now, visitors can see their desired product in action across a variety of critical environments concurrent with concluding their search.

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