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A Constant Vision For A Safer Work Environment

The emphasis on cleanliness and safety has been on top of everyone’s minds since the Pandemic began. For the Acute Care Pharmaceuticals team, clean and safety has always been on their mind as it is their mission. The team feels a great sense of responsibility to deliver the highest quality products and services to their healthcare partners as clean has never been more critical.

These high standards have been maintained for more than 15 years and is reflected in one of Pharma-Choice’s most popular disinfectant and cleaning products, Pharma-Hol®. Notably, Pharma-Hol is the only disinfectant mentioned in the USP <797> regulation.


Pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations must trust that their cleaning products are 100 percent reliable and compliant. They receive this when purchasing Pharma-Hol®. This solution is a 70% IPA / 30% USP WFI cleaner that is validated sterile and available in 16 and 32 oz spray bottles and gallon containers. Pharma-Hol® removes surface contaminants, and customers can use it to disinfect gloved hands, vials, countertops, glove boxes, and more.

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