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It’s Best for a Reason

What endears a pharmacy to a patient? When the patient profile enhances personalization between pharmacist and customer. When the technology speeds the patient’s prescriptions requests and refills. And when a customer knows the drug price is accurate. The BestRx Pharmacy System does this and more as it puts the patient at the center of everything the system offers.

What makes BestRx best for Pharmacists? Because they receive a powerful, feature-rich system for less than half the other systems’ price. Because the technology is easy and requires little to no training. And because the system capabilities increase efficiencies and profitability. BestRx provides a product suite that ensures the pharmacy runs smoothly and grows to its potential.

For two generations, the team at BestRx has understood and analyzed the unique requirements of independent pharmacy owners, staff, and patients. BestRx produces quality software that is reliable and affordable. They continually collaborate with their customer base to enhance features and provide the best in Pharmacy Management Software and POS.


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