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BestRx Pharmacy Software Announces Release of 2-Way Messaging Feature

BestRx Pharmacy Software Announces Release of 2-Way Messaging Feature

2- Way Messaging Has Twice the Benefits to Improve Patient Care and Convenience

BestRx Pharmacy Software provides complete solutions for independent retail pharmacies. Their incredibly powerful, feature-rich system is available at a price people can actually afford. The company prides themselves on staying ahead of the game and in the know—especially when it comes to customizing their platform and developing new features designed to address the most common pain points pharmacies experience.


Recently, BestRx has developed their newest feature, 2-Way Messaging. 2-Way Messaging is a bidirectional messaging option that allows pharmacy staff to better and more easily communicate with patients to provide better support and care.


Get Connected: This new feature allows patients to receive texts, increasing the likelihood of a response.

Offer Convenience: Pharmacists can do everything from communicate via important clinical questions and answers to provide ongoing supportive dialogue.


Improve Care: Better patient care starts with a conversation. This messaging feature allows for easy communication between patient and pharmacist and keeps previous chats stored for reference.

The 2-Way Messaging feature is automatically activated for pharmacies using the BestRx Messaging Interface. Current users can simply go to the processing screen, find 2-Way Messaging in the notification bar, select patient profile, and send a message. As the pharmacy sends the message, the patient receives it almost immediately and can respond right away. It is the fastest and easiest way to way to stay in touch with patients.


BestRx is a leader in innovative software solutions that help independent pharmacies succeed. For two generations, BestRx has studied the needs of independent pharmacies to create tools that support billing, automation and compliance and benefit pharmacy owners, patients and local communities. For more information, visit

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