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CBD Immune Boost — Medterra

CBD Immune Boost — Medterra 


There’s never been a better time to optimize the body’s natural defenses. Along with our proprietary Ultra Broad SpectrumTM CBD, which supports homeostatic balance across a range of physiological systems and functions, Immune Boost gummies feature three well-known immunity-enhancing ingredients. Vitamin C is a powerful nutrient and antioxidant that’s vital to many biological functions, but our bodies do not produce it—it must be obtained through our diet. The same is true for zinc. And elderberry juice has been used for centuries as a natural immunity enhancer. Formulated to be used as part of patients’ daily routine, Medterra Clinical Immune Boost Gummies pack natural wellness value into a convenient format to help people through cold and flu season and beyond.

Available Strengths

40mg CBD

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