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SmartPak® is a Patented Packaging System That Makes Sense for Today’s Pharmacists

Samson Medical Technologies 

Samson Medical Technologies, L.L.C. is a privately-held company, founded in 1999 by Marvin Samson, to provide hospital and alternate site pharmacists with safe, convenient sterile dosage preparation systems and products.

What is SmartPak?


Inner BagThe Better Solution For Injectable Delivery

SmartPak® is a patented packaging system that makes sense for today’s pharmacists

Key Benefits

• SmartPak® eliminates the usual steps associated with reconstituting multiple 10 gram vials of drug

• Bulk product is ideal for sterile product preparation

• Totally closed system

• No glass means no breakage

Uses Include

• Syringe infusion

Outer Bag - Save Time and Money

• Reduced storage space requirements

• Reduced waste disposal

• Fewer manipulations

• Greater assurance of sterility


• SmartPak® is composed of two sterile bags.

• An inner bag, shown on the upper right, is in direct contact with the sterile drug product and is made of an additive-free polymer to ensure maximum stability and shelf life.

• Sealed double port on the bottom allows for introduction of the diluent and subsequent withdrawal of the bag contents.

• A labeled filled bag is placed into an outer foil bag, shown on the right.

• This outer bag protects the inner bag from light, moisture, and oxidation, maximizing the stability of the product.

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