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The High-Functioning, No Limitation System

Pharmacies have a nerve center where all system functions reside. If the pharmacy has Prime Rx™, that center houses a comprehensive solution that allows complete pharmacy management from a single platform that carries out essential programs.

PrimeRx™ by Micro Merchant Systems is a leading pharmacy management system designed to make the pharmacy experience effortless for everyone involved. The system serves as the pharmacy’s backbone, receiving provider prescriptions and filling them for patients. It processes claims, automates processes, and aligns workflows. PrimeRx™ not only makes the workday better, but it also adds enhancements to address the changing needs of pharmacies dealing with a Pandemic.  

An example of a continually evolving solution is the New Remote Signature Capabilities for PrimeRx™, where users now can select and accept a group of prescriptions and send them for remote signatures via text directly to the patient. In the future, pharmacies can expect more functionality, increased flexibility, and enhanced performance from PrimeRx™.


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