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A network of long-term care, independent and chain pharmacies, and hospitals awaits manufacturers who want to gain market share a move inventory when they source to BluPax Pharma. Simultaneously, that same network of pharmacies receives peace of mind when they source from BluPax Pharma to fulfill and maintain pharmaceutical inventory.

BluPax offers more to these two distinct entities in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically:

For the manufacturer, working with BluePax Pharma means control over your products all along the supply chain with the BluPax promise of transparent transactions.

For the pharmacy, BluPax Pharma packages medications in separate, organized bags, saving time and labeling. They also offer premium products with expiration dates within 12 months and savings up to 35 percent when using them on the same schedule.

For both, BluPax Pharma is the independently owned and operated wholesaler, bringing value, quality, and dependability to the healthcare value chain.  


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