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Controlled Substance Destruction Matters: Here's Why

Controlled Substance Destruction Matters: Here's Why

When disposing of or destroying unused controlled substances, the method of controlled substance destruction matters for a couple of especially important reasons. Prior to regulations issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, and the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, flushing unused or expired medications down the drain was a typical practice of disposal. This causes significant contamination to our water supply and left open opportunities for drug diversion.

Drug diversion is the misuse or unintended use of prescriptions, usually controlled substances, and is a significant factor contributing to the opioid crisis in the United States. It is estimated by the NIH, National Institute on Drug Abuse, that nearly 130 people die from an opioid overdose daily in the United States. In addition to developing safe and nonaddictive medications for pain management, implementing and monitoring a controlled substance disposal policy will help to prevent drug diversion.

Controlled Substance Disposal Policies Prevent Drug Diversion

Following a compliant method of controlled substance disposal in long term care facilities, hospitals, pharmacies and various health care settings is critical to prevent drug diversion of controlled substances.  Strict controls should be followed as part of a controlled substance policy and procedures manual at every organization managing pharmaceuticals and controlled substances. This includes hospitals, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities, emergency medical services, dental and veterinary clinics as well.

Drug disposal compliant to controlled substance destruction regulations is necessary at the organizational level of the DEA registrant. Controlled substances should be monitored and documented with a chain of custody and witness log for proper disposal compliant to DEA and EPA regulations.

Leading Products for Easy and Compliant Controlled Substance Destruction

Rx Destroyer™ offers a line of pharmaceutical disposal products which are designed for safety and convenience while meeting all federal regulations aimed at preventing drug diversion and environmental contamination. The patented formula in a wide selection of disposal containers quickly neutralizes medications to render them non-retrievable meeting all DEA regulations.  By quickly disposing of controlled substances in a fast acting formula and following procedures with a chain of custody and witness logs, healthcare facilities can help to prevent drug diversion and keep controlled substances out of the wrong hands.

Rx Destroyer™’s products are so safe that in many cases they can simply be thrown in the trash when full. However, always check with your facility, local, tribal, state, and federal laws under which you are governed. Rx Destroyer™ drug disposal products are an important part in a safe, effective, and easy to use method of controlled substance destruction. In fact it’s as easy as 1,2,3… Just drop the medication in the container, put the cap back on and shake it up.  With many different sizes and mounting options available as well as added value services like waste haulers and a mail back program, Rx Destroyer™ is your one-stop for compliant drug disposal products and service.

Rx Destroyer™ offers turnkey drug disposal programs with safe, easy and affordable products and DEA compliance consultation. Our products are easy to use and never require contracts or contain any hidden fees. Contact us to learn more about preserving the planet and saving lives through safe and compliant controlled substance destruction.

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