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Why Is Now The Time to Make The Switch to Thermal Prescription Labels?

Efficiency. It’s the word that drives so many of your business decisions. As a pharmacy, knowing where you can streamline and improve processes is critical. Direct Thermal Prescription Labels deliver opportunities to do just that – saving you time and money. And, Drug Package is here to help you make switching to thermal prescription labels seamless.


Why Is Now The Time to Make The Switch to Thermal Prescription Labels? 

Here are 5 reasons, for starters.

1. No Wasted Labels

Print one label or one thousand. Direct thermal prescription labels only print what you need. Meaning you can print anything from a single label to a large batch at the touch of a button. No more wasted partial sheets of labels that sit unused behind your counter. Only the prescription labels you need when you need them.

2. Goodbye Toner

Direct thermal prescription labels require no toner. That’s right. You won’t find yourself frequently replacing or refilling messy toner cartridges. Imagine the time and cost-savings on that alone. Plus, direct thermal prescription labels are inkless – meaning no more purchasing ink ribbons, ever.

3. Top Quality Every Time

It’s all about consistent quality, and that’s where thermal prescription labels shine. Time and time again, direct thermal prescription labels prove they print more accurately the first time than other labels. That translates into sharp and crisp printing on superior adhesive labels and no do-overs.

4. Low Maintenance

Thermal printers are durable and built to withstand the demands of a busy pharmacy. It’s the end of repairing broken inkjet or laser printer parts and fighting with garbled label sheets that load incorrectly. Using thermal prescription labels means minimal upkeep with maximum reliability for you and everyone behind your pharmacy counter.

5. Easy and Stress-Free

The technology behind printing thermal prescription labels is designed for busy people, just like you, making it simple to start printing right away. Plus, thermal prescription labels from Drug Package are pre-formatted to instantly work with your pharmacy software system. If you’ve got questions about making the switch to thermal, we’re here to help, either over the phone or in person.

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