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Never Again Guess if Contents Have Been Disinfected

Never Again Guess if Contents Have Been Disinfected


When you’re standing at the unmarked intersection of Clean and Dirty, do you know which way to turn? A wrong guess could lead you straight toward the Danger Zone.   

Avoid the risk of contamination and subsequent HAIs with clearly marked equipment and spaces throughout your facility. A Clean Void Seal on carts, trays and even patient room doors serves as a green light so you never have to guess if contents have been disinfected.  

Proceed with greater confidence thanks to the VOID warning that appears on the seal after tamper or attempted entry. Because no residue is left behind when the seal is removed, there is no sticky mess or build-up to scrape away. 

Navigate a safe path to your destination with smart, design-conscious solutions. Seals, available in two sizes, are packaged 250 per roll and ready to ship today! 

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